2018 Charity Fundraiser & Auction

Framed set of Damboree 2018 Badges As previously hinted at in our recent news post, we're auctioning for charity a framed set of 2018 Damboree badges... The framed set comes with Damboree 2018 Blue, Silver and Gold badges that are available to participants in this years first Damboree, which was, as many of you know,  … Continue reading 2018 Charity Fundraiser & Auction

One Badge to Rule Them All….

We have a few of big announcements this time, so please make sure you read ALL the way to the bottom, 'cos you know there will be a test.... One badge to tempt them all, One badge to join them,One badge to bring them all,And on the campsite bind them,In the land of canvas where the … Continue reading One Badge to Rule Them All….

Damboree 2019 Badge Requirements – Beavers

As promised we've not forgotten the Turquoise Ninja Army, and their badge criteria. Although posting slightly later than we'd hoped, due to Stuart attending the District Appointments Advisory Committee, news on that to follow later on this month.Anyhoo on with important stuffs....In line with the Cubs Damboree badge naming, in 2019 the Beaver Blue Badge … Continue reading Damboree 2019 Badge Requirements – Beavers

Damboree 2019 Badge Requirements – Cubs

We're very excited to announce the badge requirements for the Emerald Badge, for Cubs, as they join in the excitement of Damboree in 2019.Carefully chosen to encourage, engage and challenge Cubs, and their leaders, by new members of the Damboree Team, Leigh P. and Ang H. We hope they will inspire you to plan your … Continue reading Damboree 2019 Badge Requirements – Cubs

More Song Adaption Goodness!

As you may remember, Stuart Ball likes to tinker with songs to give them a Damboree feel. He's done some very cruel things to classic like the opening monologue to War The Worlds, and the Duck Tales theme. So it's nice to know there are others out there who respect musical culture more than he … Continue reading More Song Adaption Goodness!

Scottish Office takes early registrations by storm!

In just 5 days since registrations opened, it seems Andy Till, our Scottish Office has been quick off the mark getting the news out that registrations for 2019 have opened.  With Scotland already registering ~800 Damboree-ers it's rather impressive, mostly from Aberdeen!We've even had registrations from our British Scouting Overseas colleagues, and possibly ScoutsNZ too! … Continue reading Scottish Office takes early registrations by storm!

2019 Damboree Registration Opens! Now with Added Cubs!

& The news some of you have been waiting for, which is registering your interest in Damboree 2019, as we move towards getting #everyoneintents.We'e hoping that the runaway success of 2018, with around 220 new Campsite permits for Beaver leader, will be built on as we bring new Beaver Leaders into the initiative, and embrace … Continue reading 2019 Damboree Registration Opens! Now with Added Cubs!

Damboree @ Reunion & AGM

I write this after a day that started anxiously for most of the Damboree Team, I am quite pooped, it has to be said John May had submitted a question to the Scout Association AGM which asked a question regarding building on the #crowdscouting success of Damboree, how can HQ support grass roots driven intiatives. … Continue reading Damboree @ Reunion & AGM

It’s the Final Badge Run, do do do do….doodle-oo do do

For those of us who remember Europe, and the Final Countdown the Damboree Team has now just given you a synth-earworm as we deliver this all important message. Anyone who is too young to remember The Final Countdown,  you need to Youtube it.... Anyhoo, we will say this only once, but thanks to the wonders … Continue reading It’s the Final Badge Run, do do do do….doodle-oo do do

Beaver Without Borders

Over the last 12 days I’ve had the honour of camping with Derwent and Dove scout District on our Sweden trip. This consisted of 39 scouts and explorers and 1 beaver scout. Please meet Matthew 😁 Both of Matthews parents are leaders and was on the camp. So the little brave man joined in 12 … Continue reading Beaver Without Borders