Month: April 2018

Damboree in the News!

7th Preston Beaver Colony managed to get themselves, and Damboree, in the local news! The Lancashire Post, part of the Johnston Publishing local newspaper network. reported on the 7th Preston’s Damboree camp at Waddecar Scout Activity Centre earlier in April.

Link to News Article

Getting news coverage for Damboree was so for down our wish list we didn’t think we’d get much, and certainly not so early in the calendar. So thanks 7th Preston, Lydia and Dimal, for ticking one of our Damboree Bucket List, but also including the 10000+ other Beavers who are taking part in Damboree.

That being said, we’d love to hear from other Damboree camps and events, and if you can share any media coverage with us, that would be absolutely amazing.

We’ve had to dig out the Kleenex for several members of the team now, as we are just completely humbled by the whole thing.

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Additional Damboree Dates Added!

We’ve been told by those we speak to in hushed conversations, whilst beavers are asleep that some Colonies aren’t participating in Damboree because they cannot arrange a camp for the weekend of 23/24th June 2018.

This is a big shame, because it means we’ve not managed the communications properly, or our message is missing in action.

Whilst we wanted a focus around that weekend to gives Colonies something to aim at, there is No Reason you cannot camp out with your beavers any of the other 363 days we have this year.

If you want to Damboree at Christmas, then fill your stockings.

Halloween? We wouldn’t say Boo! to that either.

Whatever inspires you to get your beavers camping this year, they can get a Damboree blue badge, you can get a silver, or if you get your camping permit or become a Nights Away Advisor this year, you can apply for your Gold badge.

There is nothing stopping you getting your #BeaversinTents, if there is, our expert team of troubleshooters, troublemakers and cheerleaders are on hand to help you make it happen. So please, share the message that the 2018 Damboree runs to the end of 2018, not the end of the 24th June. #GoTeamBeaverLeaders

#Damboree #Beaversintents #beaversarescouts_scoutscamp #Skillsforlifestartswithbeavers

Ramping up and Going for Gold!

We’ll also be sorting out a Hall of Fame in the coming weeks, recording for posterity those wonderful leaders, supportive groups, supporting District Commissioners, and the Nights Away Assessors who give up their time for a cup of tea, a biccie, and the all important assessment.

So, the Damboree events are starting to come thick and fast now, as we head into the high season for camping. This has meant we needed to sort out the all important the Gold Badge Order Form.

So we have! If you click on the badge, it’ll take you to the Gold Badge Order form. Please remember that payment is through our badge partner Karuna Badges, but will also include a signed cert, we’ve even given Andy temporary loan of Sam’s crayons…

Your order will be compared to your Compass record with the Scout Association to ensure no eager beavers try and get their hands on The Precious.

#Damboree #Beaversintents #Beaversarescouts_scoutscamp #skillsforlifestartswithbeavers

We GOT ONE!!!!!

In the famous words of Janine Melnitz from the original Ghostbusters movie…..WE GOT ONE!!! (if you are under 30, ask your parents….)

Yes, we have had the first Damboree event down at Ferny Croft Scout Activity Centre, when I say WE, I mean the 1st Dorcan Beavers who held their camp over the Easter weekend.

Kathy, Beaver Scout leader, is quoted:

Yes we did survive despite the weather! Beavers had a great time playing frisbee golf, making burgers and cooking them outside! We spelt out Damboree with natural materials we found on a walk around Ferny. They also learnt lots about Beavers in the wild, so all in all we had great fun!

This success against the weather, that is a typical Bank Holiday mudfest, can only be commended, and we look forwards to receiving the order for the exclusive Damboree Gold Badge,  Steve Barley, the County Commissioner for Wiltshire, and the two Deputy District Commissioners for Swindon Ridgeway must be a very proud as they have the  eternal bragging rights to the first ever Damboree Event. Use them wisely.

The biggest applause has to go to Kathy and the 1st Dorcan Scout Group team who made it happen, once again proving that #Beaversarescouts_ScoutsCamp, #BeaversinTents and that whatever the weather throws at you, scouting is fun whatever the age, and you know….BURGERS!

We nearly made Andy Sissons write this article, but the man is a blubbering mess of  pride, and has to find is best handwriting pen ready for the certificate, cos Sam (our Artist) has used all the crayons.

Well Done 1st Dorcan, you are immortalised in Damboree history, for that we are grateful. Because if nothing else, we’ve hit our target, we have a gold badge applicant, and beavers were camping.

We look forwards to reporting on many many wonderful Damboree events throughout the camping season.

I must now do the Gold Badge Order Form…

Picture shared with permission of the 1st Dorcan who retain the copyright.