Month: May 2018

The Big Weekend Rushes Upon Us!

As we rush headlong towards the end of May, and towards the Damboree focus weekend of the Solstice 22nd-24th June 2018, we felt it would be a good time to remind people of the badge ordering process so we can ensure out badge Partner, Karuna Badges has enough stock and is able to deliver to in time for your Damboree event. So here is a message from Karuna (modified slightly)

The big date is coming quite soon , and the orders are coming in everyday , which makes it a little hard to keep up with stock as we don’t want to overstock badges to ensure they remain limited, and the cost of un-used stock disposal, BUT I also don’t want anyone to be without badges the day of their camp .

The current stock is holding and the average wait time after payment is made is 10 days  but that number will vary slightly up and down, so preferably we would like at least 2 weeks notice with a preference to 3 weeks notice .

Please also note that all orders are going via registered post so it will be a £2 postage for small orders , and bigger orders ( +50 ) will have a slightly higher postage charge .

Orders with more than 100 badges need to be put in as soon as possible to avoid delays in case i need to make more stock .

Payment is via PayPal preferred , and if via BACS a screenshot needs to be sent after payment is made otherwise IT WILL DELAY their order as we’re not checking the bank account every day.

And to please follow the payment instructions to the line , otherwise it will delay your order while we’re trying to figure out what the money paid is for as we sell a wide varierty of badges through our own online store.

You MUST indicate your BACS payment with the following: Damboree – Name – Post code anything else will delay shipment of your badges as the payment  needs to be processed manually.

We want to ensure you have your badges in time for your event, help us make that happen.

So there you have it, our badges have proved hugely popular with ‘000s awarded, or planned to be award at Damboree events that continue throughout 2018.

The Damboree Team would like to re-iterate our absolute AWE at the pictures we’re being shown on our Facebook group, and we continue to be humbled by the levels of participation from Leaders leading, their mentors mentoring, and the stories of Cubs, Scouts, Young Leaders, and Explorers helping get Beavers camping.  You’re all amazing, and we salute you.

The Damboree Team
(Right, now to remember the vast collection of hashtags!)
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It is not uncommon for Beavers to spend their first night away from a close family member at a Sleepover, let alone CAMPING! So the challenge is: How do Leaders give parents confidence? One answer is to hold a Parent’s Evening. During the fast 15-20 minute meeting I would suggest you cover the following topics:

  • – Venue [Location, key features and why the location was chosen]
  • – Activities [What exciting things will the Beavers do. How will plans be adopted according to changes in weather]
  • – Sleeping arrangements [boys & girls together(?), changing areas)
  • – Arrival & Pick-up time / process [Importance of pealing Parents / Carers from sides of Beavers (into their first activity), deal with any paperwork before they leave]
  • – Kit List [Everything to be labelled., Beavers should be encouraged to pack, don’t need new items, ask if you don’t have a …..]
  • – Experience of the team [No events, Nights, Qualification, Years]
  • – Required Help [Gives Parents / Carers the opportunity to see what is going on as there is nothing to hide]
  • – Medicine / Allergies [Current prescription in packets, form for does and recording administration, specific allergy issues will be addressed]
  • – Bed Wetting [Talk about how mats / pull-up will be discretely used, what happens if someone wets their bed]
  • – Risk assessments [Everything considered and mitigated e.g. ….]
  • – In-Touch Process [We will always let you know if there is an issue. Please send a text if you need to but accept if everything is OK we may not get a chance to respond]
  • – Questions – Beavers [Always first] – Questions – Parents [No question is too silly]
  • – Question previous event Beaver Parents if you have missed anything [They will often address some of the issues raised for you]
  • – Final Comments [You will be happy to answer any further questions that come up]

I like to use a menu sheet [List things the Beaver likes and dislikes] to act as an ‘ice breaker’ when parents arrive. Try to avoid agreeing to a specific menu. During the meeting try a little humour e.g Remember to bring your tissues as the Beaver will be too excited to get you one. Hopefully if you have covered all the above items there will be no opportunity for a parent / carer to remain concerned.

If a Parent is still not happy, suggest their Beaver attends the next event. However, peer pressure can on occasions be persuasive. Whilst not all unhappy parents are difficult, it is after all optional for the Beaver to attend. Give it your best shot and you may be surprised at the success rate you have.

Andy T.

#Damboree #BeaversinTents #BeaversareScouts_ScoutsCamp #SkillsforLifeStartsWithBeavers