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The Waiting Game….Coming Soon

We’ll soon be receiving samples of this years badges from our Badge Partner, Karuna, which we’re very excited about, so we though now would be an opportunity to tell you about the “Waiting List” feature on our online store.

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Damboree 2019 By Numbers (So far…)

The Damboree Team has been slowly waking form it’s winter slumber, as we ready ourselves to put in the order for the first tranche of badges with our badge partner, which is based on the registration numbers.

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A Dose of the Warm and Fuzzies

Heavens only knows why Office365 marked this one as junk, given it was a reply to a mail I’d sent, anyhoo…Some kind words from one of our nominated Charities.

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This ‘ere Damboree, what it’s all about?

It had occured to myself and Badger that we were getting a number of queries about what Damboree is, why we exist and most importantly what’s the point?

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New Website Design de-cloaked

Ahead of our push for 2019 we felt it was time to rethink some aspects of our content structure, update the colours scheme, fiddle with the layout and update to the latest major version of WordPress.

With this in mind, Stuart was prepped with the correct resources, 3 packets of Haribo, 1 large coffee, and two pints of beer, and spent the last Friday of 2018 hiding in his office playing with tech.

We’ve restructured the site to be more persona-based, so the Top Menu is themed around those visitor persona’s. Hopefully this will make content easier to access for new joiners and veteran Damboree-ers alike.

We’re keen to increase the Parent Persona content, so if you have anything you think would slot into that area, please get in touch.

Charity Badges Cross The Pond

Alex was the winning bidder, and once UPS had delivered the parcel he had this email for us…..Over to you Alex.

Just wanted to let you know the packaged arrived perfectly.

I am a Cub Scout den leader here in the US (cub scouts being children from the start of Kindergarten through 5th Grade (Years 1 through 6 I believe in the UK system)) and the dens are grade based, with the various dens forming a pack.

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Damboree 2018 Retrospective & Prospective

Seasons Greetings

Look-astern 2018

Although it’s been said before it goes without saying that Damboree owes a huge amount to a large number of people who made Damboree 2018, the First Damboree a success beyond our wildest aspirations. The moral support, and patience,  shown by so many of our fellow Scouting colleagues humbles us again and again.

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2018 Charity Fundraiser & Auction

Framed set of Damboree 2018 Badges

As previously hinted at in our recent news post, we’re auctioning for charity a framed set of 2018 Damboree badges…

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One Badge to Rule Them All….

We have a few of big announcements this time, so please make sure you read ALL the way to the bottom, ‘cos you know there will be a test….

One badge to tempt them all, 
One badge to join them,
One badge to bring them all,
And on the campsite bind them,
In the land of canvas where the bacon fries.

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Damboree 2019 Badge Requirements – Beavers

As promised we’ve not forgotten the Turquoise Ninja Army, and their badge criteria. Although posting slightly later than we’d hoped, due to Stuart attending the District Appointments Advisory Committee, news on that to follow later on this month.

Anyhoo on with important stuffs….

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