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Damboree Occasional Badge Denials

Central Yorkshire - NO
Cheshire - NO

Damboree Occasional Badge Approvals

CC Approval Thread:
Hampshire - YES
Avon - YES
Bedfordshire - YES
Bucks - YES
Cambridge - YES
Cleveland - YES
Co. Armagh - YES
Cornwall - YES
Cumbria - YES
Derbyshire - YES
Devon - YES
Durham - YES
East Sussex - YES
Essex - YES
Gloucestershire - YES
Greater London (all) - YES
Gwent - YES
Hereford & Worcester - YES
Humberside - YES
Kent - YES
Leicestershire - YES
Lincolnshire - YES
Norfolk - YES
North Manchester - YES
North Yorkshire - YES
Northamptonshire - YES
Northumberland - YES
Oxfordshire - YES
Scotland (yes all of it) - YES
Shropshire - YES
Somerset - YES
Suffolk - YES
Vale of Glamorgan - YES
West Mercia - YES
West Sussex - YES
Wiltshire - YES
Guernsey BC - YES
Staffordshire - YES
Hertfordshire - YES
Berkshire - YES
Montgomeryshire - YES
Mid Glamorgan - YES

Q: Will there be a special limited edition; badge for Leaders who qualify for their Campsite permit?

A: Any leader who has registered on the Damboree, is assessed, and gains a Campsite permit, will be eligible for the special edition badge.

Q: Do I need a Nights Away Permit?

A: All qualifying events need to follow the appropriate National Scout Body rules.

Q: How do I purchase Occasional badges?

A: Use the ordering links at the top of the page

Q: Do we need permission to wear the Occasional badge on our Scout Uniform?

A: Yes. For UK members of the Scout Associate POR 10.3 b. States that The County (Regional). A number of County (Regional) Commisioners have already stated they are happy for Youth Members and Leaders to wear.

We'll aim keep a list of relevent permissions, where we're made aware of it on our website

Q: Do we have to attend a specific camp?

A: No. The aim is to encourage each Colony to provide the opportunity for each Beaver to sleep outside in a tent during 2018. However some Groups are planning to invite Beavers along to Group Camps, and other Districts and Counties (Regions) are considereing inviting Beavers to a larger event.

Q: What is the purpose of the Damboree

A: To encourage Beaver Leaders to gain their Campsite Nights Away Permit and to promote the fact Beavers in the UK are allowed to Camp. It is a way to dispel some of the myths surrounding Nights Away.

Q: Is this an official Scout Association event?

A: No. This is a Social Medial (Facebook) inspired iterative. However, the Activities Team at Gilwell are aware of the initiative and have given their blessing to go ahead.

Q: How does my Colony qualify for the event?

A: To qualify for the Damboree all a Beaver Colony needs to do is camp in a tent(s) for at least 1 night during 2018.

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